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Curtain Call. Top: Kate C, Lawrence, Megan, Robert, Sara C, Eric, Keshlam, Bo, Charlotte, Alex, Sara V, Matthew, Sarah E, Nathan Middle: Erica, Miriam, Steven, Jesse Lawn: David, Kate T, Anne, Brendan, Jonathan, Randi, Evan, Mary, Felix.

"I'd like to express our unending gratitude to all the folks you don't see in these pictures -- the directors, choreographer, set, lighting, prop and costume designers, musicians, run crew and publications folks (both paper and electronic). Those of us making fools of ourselves on stage may get the laughs, but the applause belongs equally to you. We, and the audience, wouldn't have had half as much fun without you!"

Captions by Joe Kesselman

The MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players

The Sorcerer at M.I.T. November 18, 2000

Sheldon Brown Photography

Copyright 2000 by Sheldon Brown

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