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Harris Cyclery is proud to be a Waterford dealer.

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All Waterfords Now Made-to-Measure

All Waterfords in 2004 will be made-to-measure at no additional cost...including the new 14 Series. This gives you maximum flexibility to address each of your individual geometric and physical requirements. Our catalog specs provide an excellent starting point and your Waterford dealer is knowledgeable and ready help you make all the proper decisions.

All Waterfords Beyond The Palette

Ride a truly distinctive Waterford bicycle by choosing from among hundreds of colorful, rock-hard PPG paints at no added cost (except prismatiques and luminescents). If you've got really creative ideas, talk to us about custom paint and styling. WeÍre limited only by your imagination.

Lugged Waterfords Better Than Ever

For many enthusiasts, the beauty, durability and tradition of a lugged bicycle will never be eclipsed. Proprietary Waterford lug designs continue to evolve and offer, in certain applications, the best choice. All of our lugged bicycles in 2004 will be lighter by nearly 60 grams and models like the 2004 RS-22 will be lighter still thanks to engineering refinements. As we fully exploit the potential of new lightweight steel alloys, our lug designs will make use of all reasonable advancements to sustain this timeless technology„at even higher performance levels.

TIG Waterfords Catch The Wheel of New R-33

By expanding the boundaries of tube design, as characterized by our new R-33's True Temper S3 tubing, we're able to build bicycles that reach unsurpassed levels of performance as measured by: significant weight reductions that compare favorably to all existing frame materials, far greater strength, more comfort over the long haul, more speed! The 2004 Waterford R-33 is the lightest, fastest, stiffest, most responsive steel race bicycle ever built.

TIG Waterfords Introducing The 14 Series

We've been TIG welding bicycles and components for most of our ten years. Our welders are expert craftsmen. With the recent development of revolutionary air-hardening steels, the argument for lugged construction becomes less compelling. New 2004 Waterford 14 Series bicycles are precisely TIG welded, taking full advantage of the remarkably lightweight, rugged qualities of our exclusive air-hardening tubesets. (Replaces previous 11 Series.)

Waterford Precision Cycles 2004

Over the past decade, we have created a full range of precisely-engineered platforms designed to excel in all cycling disciplines„from the blazing speed of professional track racing to fully-loaded expedition touring. With the addition of the new 2004 R-33, these successful platforms remain the foundation of our bicycle development. Other manufacturers may appear to offer as much, but when you carefully consider the "options" you find minor variations of a single geometry or design philosophy. We customize geometrics, tubesets and equipment to suit your personal cycling requirements„no matter size or riding style.

2004 Series Designations

<Waterford R-33 Bicycles<Waterford 22 Series Bicycles<Waterford 14 Series Bicycles
The latest Waterford design. The R-33, with its exclusive True Temper S3 lightweight tubeset, will take you and Waterford to the very top of the high-end race bike pyramid. Road race, track, time-trial and road sport.Waterford 22 Series bicycles uphold the values of low-temp silver-brazed lugged construction. Handcrafted of Reynolds 853 and True Temper OX Platinum. Made-to-measure, braze-ons and full color selection at no additional cost.New 2004 Waterford 14 Series bicycles are expertly TIG welded of tough Reynolds 853 and True Temper OX Platinum lightweight air-hardening steels. (This new series replaces previous 11 Series bicycles.)
True Temper's exotic new air-hardening, thin-wall S3 steel tubeset allows us to build a race bike that will forever change the way you view steel as a competitive frame material. The Waterford R-33 compares favorably on the gram scale to any race bicycle now in production.Our platforms have proven effective over 10 years of refinement and are well-established. In 2004, we are pleased to introduce the RST, a more relaxed sport / light touring geo.
2200 Race - RS-22 - RSE-22 - TT-2
RST-22 - Diva-22 - X-22 Cyclocross
2800 Track - Adventure Cycle 1900
Waterford 14 Series bikes gain strength after welding thanks to air-hardening steels. Features include full color selection with clearcoat, braze-ons, stainless dropouts, no upcharges for options.
R-14 Race - RS-14 - RSE-14 - TT-14
RST-14 - Diva-14 - X-14 Cyclocross
F-14 Track/Fixed Gear - T-14 Touring
TIG welded True Temper S3 thin-wall, shaped tubeset - Waterford steel now defies gravity
Exclusive Waterford seat lug - Structurally durable, replaces bulky seatpost clamp
1 1/8" Steerer Only
Waterford stainless vertical dropouts - Positive wheel positioning, tough, non-corrosive, elegant
$2,000 frame. Made-to-measure for prime fit, all PPG paint - single color (ex. prismatics)
Proprietary Waterford investment-cast lugset - Light, strong, exquisite minimalist design
Waterford stainless vertical dropouts - Positive wheel positioning, tough, non-corrosive, elegant
1" Steerer - Threaded or threadless
Highly-polished stainless lugs; S & S couplers (added cost options - select platforms only)
$1,600 frame. Made-to-measure for prime fit, all PPG paint - single color (ex. prismatics)
TIG welded air-hardening steels - Light, durable, comfortable, advanced technology
Exclusive Waterford seat lug - Structurally durable, replaces bulky seatpost clamp
1" or 1 1/8" Steerer - Threaded or threadless
Waterford stainless vertical dropouts - Positive wheel positioning, tough, non-corrosive, elegant
$1,299 frame. Made-to-measure for prime fit, all PPG paint - single color (ex. prismatics)

Waterford Precision Cycles 2004 Model Selector

PlatformPurpose/DesignRide CharacteristicsTire RangeLoadEst. Weight
The world's lightest steel racing bicycle. Designed strictly for road racing, criteriums, track racing, triathlons / timetrialing, fast sport riding. Aggressive positioning. Fast, agile, light steering, with emphasis on cornering stability and out-of-saddle sprinting. Up to 23C No load 2.9 lbs. (56 cm)
2200 / R-14
Road Race
Serious competition in a mix of venues including criteriums, road races and fast sport riding. Agressive riding position. Fast, light steering, with emphasis on cornering and out-of-saddle sprinting. Up to 25C No load 3.5 lbs. (56cm)
RS-22 / RS-14
Road Sport
Longer distance racing, fast club rides, built in the spirit of classic 1970s racing machines. Aggressive riding position. Fast but neutral steering. Confident handling in the peloton. Up to 28C Up to 10 lbs. 3.75 lbs. (56 cm)
RSE-22 / RSE-14
Road Sport Extended
Fast like the RS-22, long distance racing (brevets), fast club rides, centuries, light touring, wet weather with fenders and cantilever brakes. Same as RS-22 / 14 Up to 38C
(35C w/fenders)
Up to 10 lbs. 3.85 lbs. (56 cm)
RST-22 / RST-14
Road Sport Tour
Club riding, general road riding, centuries. More upright positioning, for riders who favor comfort and stability. Fits long-reach dual pivot sidepulls. Enhanced stability, combines comfort and predictable road handling. Up to 35C
(32C w/fenders)
Up to 20 lbs. 3.85 lbs. (56 cm)
Diva-22 / Diva-14
Step Through
Step-through design. Fast club rides, centuries. General road riding. Same as RS-22 / 14 Up to 28C Up to 10 lbs. 3.45 lbs. (51 cm)
X-22 / X-14
Cyclocross racing, road riding, light touring. With cantilever brakes. Higher BB for more ground clearance. Aggressive positioning. Fast, neutral road manners. Similar to RS-22 / 14 Up to 38C Up to 20 lbs. 3.75 lbs. (54 cm)
TT-22 / TT-14
Time Trial
Designed specifically for the riding section of multisport events. Most aggressive positioning, light, fast steering„yet stable. Fast, straight-ahead road manners. Up to 23C No load 3.4 lbs. (54 cm)
1900 / T-14
Adventure Cycle
Fully-loaded, unsupported cross-country touring. Also for larger riders seeking more upright ride. Stable handling with gear, long-distance road comfort. Up to 38C
Up to 90 lbs. 4.4 lbs. (56 cm)