ShelBroCo Dent Removal System User Agreement

Any effective tool must be used with care.

Our Flash Dent remover is sold in several strrengths, and you MUST use the correct strength for the frame tube.

If in doubt, start with our #1 grade, work upward through stronger grades one at a time until desired results are acheived.

Starting with too high a grade can lead to undeirable results!

(Photo of bicycle with tube blasted open)

Observe all OSHA regulations.

Store only in an Approved Storage Facility conforming to the American Table of Distances: see (27 CFR Part 55).

Use only OUTDOORS and in an open area. Scan the area to make sure that it is clear of personnel and pets.

Actuate only from a distance of 50 FEET OR MORE, and from behind a BARRIER

DO NOT connect the electrical power source until the Flash Dent Remover is fully inserted into the tube. Keep wires SHORT-CIRCUITED until the Flash Dent Remover is fully inserted.

DO NOT use in the presence of strong electical signals. TURN OFF two-way radios, cell phones and all devices which connect by wi-fi.


You must give the appropriate warning signals, for which we offer the ShelBroCo Signaling System

WARNING SIGNAL - A 1-minute series of long blasts 5 minutes prior to actuation signal.
ACTUATION SIGNAL - A series of short blasts 1 minute prior to actuation.
ALL CLEAR SIGNAL - A prolonged blast following inspection of bicycle frame.

If you must step aside to take up another task, then you must short-circuit the Dent Location Guide Wire, extract the Flash Dent Remover from the frame and return it to an Approved Storage Facility. Do not connect to a generator or battery! A Flash Dent Remover which is not removed can result in Damage to the bicycle's saddle, Serious Injury or Death.