Cycles de Oro: Cirque du Cyclisme, May 1, 2005

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The 2005 Cirque du Cyclisme finished up with a swap meet and concours. There were so many gorgeous bikes parked so close together that it was difficult to get good photos.
cirque05-5-1-01 cirque05-5-1-02 cirque05-5-1-03 cirque05-5-1-04
cirque05-5-1-05 cirque05-5-1-06 cirque05-5-1-07 cirque05-5-1-08
cirque05-5-1-09 cirque05-5-1-10 cirque05-5-1-11 cirque05-5-1-12
cirque05-5-1-13 cirque05-5-1-14 cirque05-5-1-15 cirque05-5-1-16

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