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Motor Skills needed for surfing:

Developmentally, (in general) large movements (gross-motor) are learned first and form a foundation to build on for more fine-tuned smaller movements (fine-motor).

It is important to develop basic gross motor skills before attempting more difficult planned movement sequences such as riding a bike, skipping or balancing on a surf board.

These are higher level functions because they require correct information from many of the body's systems. Therapy will begin with basic gross motor skills as a pre-requisite to standing or riding on a board.

Developmental Motor Stages:

4-5 months
Lifts head when prone, propping on arms, kicks legs 6 months-props self on arms when prone while reaching with one hand.

7-8 months
Quadruped, sits unsupported momentarily.

9-11 months
Sits unsupported, raises self to sitting position, equilibrium response in sitting, creeps reciprocally, kneeling balance.

12-15 months
Maintains dynamic sitting balance in all planes, independent standing balance, equilibrium reactions in kneeling, begins to walk.

16-19 months
Walks backwards and sideways, equilibrium reaction in standing, walks fast, seldom falls.

2 years
Runs well, walks up and down incline, jumps with both feet.

3 years
Walks up stairs alternating feet, swings arms reciprocally when walking, hops on one foot crudely.

5 years
Enjoys balance activities, skips alternately, walks down stair alternating feet, one foot standing balance-10 seconds.

Mounting The Board
Mounting The Board
Mounting The Board
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